Event: Ministry of Testing, Glasgow - September Meetup

24 September, 2018
6pm - 8pm

Location: Committee Room 9, 18 John Street, Glasgow G1 1JQ

Networking until 9pm and buffet included

Ministryoftesting Glasgowsm

Glasgow Ministry of Testing Group has been underway for over a year, meeting on the 4th Monday of every month and discussing a wide range of topics from Automation in testing, through Testing Oracles, to Communication. Every month the group, ranging from new graduates just embarking on their test career, through those at the coal face in many different testing roles, right up to experienced test managers, come together to learn through discussion and group exercises - there are no stupid questions in a Socratic debate!

Phase two of the meetup is just starting now and this meet up, sponsored by Edge Testing, will be a Lean Coffee session where attendees can suggest and vote for topics of discussion - if there's anything you'd particularly like to talk about please comment to the meetup.

In addition, we'll also be crowdsourcing some ideas for future  sessions / topics / activities. Some of the topics that members would like to talk about include:


When it should be applied, what are its benefits

Automation Tools

Tools, when is free software appropriate, what programming language(s) should I learn?


Difficult conversations, taking to people with different levels of technical understanding


Presentations, public speaking, running retros and show and tells


Testing Heuristics, Dev Ops, improving testing in Agile, Test Driven Design,


Why Testing? The cost of Quality and demonstrating testing's value


Books and learning sources, recommendations for self-study


Cross skilling and learning on the job, how to get the most out of mentoring and coaching


Come and join us!

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