15 March, 2017

Edge at the Movies - Office Space (1999)

This comedy from the writers of Bevis and Butthead (a programme about testing music videos) follows three disgruntled office workers and their madcap scheme to steal money from their employer by diverting fractions of pennies into a bank account they control.  To do this they develop a piece of code and deploy it into production. The rest of the film then chronicles the aftermath of that code deployment.

Things go wrong when the following day they realise that they have already stolen $305,326.13. A large and very noticble sum of money. It’s the classic defect, the decimal point was in the wrong place and they siphoned off whole dollars instead of fractions of the cent.

Edge at the Movies2.PNG

So, where did testing go wrong? Well, there was none. Since money is the driving force here testing is essential. At the very least, some boundary testing was required with data modelled on user stories. The three office workers seemed to be following the three amigos methodology. Except with three Developers and no Test or Business Analyst resource. The developers may have unit tested but certainly not with any test data and as a result did not pick up the defect in code.


By Jonathan Hart - Test Analyst, Edge Testing

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