1 February, 2017

Edge in the Community - Bike Town

At Edge, we are passionate about giving back and making a difference within the local community helping organisations and charities. We have established a number of great local causes and all members of the Edge team are encouraged to help support them.

Just before Christmas members of the Edge team participated in volunteering with Healthy n Happy’s “Bike Town project”.

Healthy n Happy is a community development trust in Cambuslang and Rutherglen whose vision is to make their towns the healthiest and happiest places to live in Scotland. Edge assisted the CamGlen Bike Town initiative who work with a range of organisations and local people to improve the infrastructure for cycling. They aim to provide a range of training and support for people to cycle, and also provide a place for people to have their bike fixed and maintained at a reasonable cost.




Members of the Edge team carried out a plethora of tasks including clearing the floor space, removing tires and tubes from wheels, sorting the salvageable wheels from the scrap, disassembling the bike frames and salvaging the reusable parts.

Edge hope to continue this relationships and work with CamGlen Bike Town again in the near future.


By Michael Burt, Marketing Assistant, Edge Testing

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