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12 January 2021

Supermarket websites struggle amid latest lockdown

Richard Mort, Edge Testing

Supermarkets' online shopping operations have come under strain with customers rushing to book deliveries as the new coronavirus lockdown began.

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24 September 2018

Are you fed up re-running regression tests?... Why not try automation?

James Stone and Bruce Russell, Test Consultants, Edge Testing

So, you're fed up re-running your regression suite every week. What are you going to do about it? We explore the fundamentals of automation testing by applying it to web based applications that we are testing. 


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19 July 2018

The Defect Dichotomy (A whimsical look at the mind of a tester)

Tommy Cowan, Test Consultant, Edge Testing

Every project has deadlines and milestones. I think I readily endeavour to understand 'The Big Picture'. Swept up in the wave of optimism that is surely prevalent at the start of all projects, I always seem to embark with the mindset that deadlines are paramount and achievable. In my mind as a tester, there exists a war. The opposing factions: “The Deadliner” versus “The Perfectionist”...

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29 May 2018

Impacts of GDPR on Software Testing

Rohini Bhat, Test Consultant at Edge Testing

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018. The GDPR assures data protection and privacy to all individuals within the European Union and aims to give people more control over how their personal data is being used by organisations. So how does GDPR affect testing and what processes should companies have in place to adhere to the stringent rules that GDPR introduces? 

Impacts Of GDPR_small

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26 April 2018

Fussy Hornets – Legacy is alive and well and still stinging!

R.Mort (Old CICS Cobol Programmer) a.k.a. New Business Director

Legacy demands greater, stronger test discipline. If you get a web test wrong the worst that happens is typically a tweak of the test script and a retest – all possibly achieved in a few minutes. Get it wrong in a legacy batch run and you’ve potentially lost a day! That means understanding the system from both technical and business angles (with potentially out of date documentation), understanding how the data behaves, working out where and when within the system you will get measurable results, a greater focus on starting point data and a strong understanding of the (usual) scores of interfaces sitting behind the scenes. What’s not to like?

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21 March 2018

How Much Testing is Enough?

Cameron Farooq, Test Analyst at Edge Testing

Technology has evolved and is continuing to evolve in such a way that we are becoming increasingly dependent on it for our day to day lives. Software Code is now present in almost all devices we use, such as games, mobile phone apps and electronic control modules in cars.

How Much Testing Is Enough

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