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7 March 2018

How to Train Your Testers

Emma Fitzpartick and Charlotte Moss, Test Analysts at Edge Testing

When you think about being in a classroom situation, what do you imagine? School? College? University lectures? Being subjected to hours of one teacher reading out slides in monotone, sounding more bored than you feel? Well our last classroom experience was very different.

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21 February 2018


Mike Tindal, Test Analyst at Edge Testing

When you were young, failure was something obvious, quantifiable: Failing an exam, failing to run laps round the school. And when you got older this turns into being a financial, social, sexual or moral failure. With the shift into more serious territory one thing remains the same: the rigorous, finite and binary distinction of pass or fail; good or bad.  


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7 February 2018

4 Reasons Programming Experience Can Benefit a Testers Capability

Stuart Davies, Test Analyst at Edge Testing

Having a background in programming teaches an individual a lot of important concepts and skills that can be transferred into software testing. This is due to them both using many of the same processes during the development lifecycle. There are 4 key reasons to how programming experience can benefit a Testers capability.

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24 January 2018

Heuristics in Testing

Claire Anderson, Senior Test Analyst at Edge Testing

Human brains use strategies, or mental short-cuts, all the time to ease the mental load of processing information and making decisions – examples of these mental short-cuts include using a rule of thumb, making an educated guess, guesstimating, stereotyping, following your intuition, or using common sense and they’re also known as heuristics.


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10 January 2018

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Shaun McClure - Test Analyst, Edge Testing

Outsourcing is a flexible way to perform testing of your software and systems. But there is often an internal debate around what is better? Internal self-run teams, or external outsourced teams? There is usually a desire to “own” a department, as the perception is that it leads to more control of the project, but internal teams, of any kind, come with their own issues, which lead to more staff being hired to manage them, and before you know it the new department has spiralled in size.


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6 December 2017

Effective Knowledge Transfer Strategies

Shaun McClure - Test Analyst, Edge Testing

Edge Testing have a long history of parachuting into client projects at short notice, and quickly becoming integral members of the project. One key to this is effective knowledge transfer, and over the years Edge have become masters of the art.

Effective Knowledge Management hinges on getting the right knowledge to the right person at the right time. But how do we do this?

Knowledge Transfers 1B

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