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22 November 2017

What Makes a Good Requirement

Scott Livingstone and Reeba Vyas, Test Analysts at Edge Testing

Poor requirements can often lead to a project failure by causing delays, increasing the drain on the budget, producing an end-product that is not fit for purpose and worst of all - an unhappy customer.

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8 November 2017

Influencing the Testing Process

Lewis Thomson, Test Analyst at Edge Testing

Having 100% control of a task that you are directly involved in is obviously a desirable situation to be in. Professionals within the testing industry are specialists, and as such have differing ideas of what the best method to approach a problem is. However realistically in a team, it is not feasible to instill a dictatorship, with only yourself pushing forward. Aside from the overt negative implications from this, having a sole person influencing the direction of a project will lack the perspective that a unified team can offer. Hence, the importance of a collaborative effort, where every member has a say and the potential to make decisions with a positive impact on a project.


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25 October 2017

The Risk Mitigation Business

Alister Aitken, Senior Test Consultant at Edge Testing

So, what exactly is a “Risk”? In the context of software development that pre-emptive action is often what we like to call TESTING. The testing team/function become, and are correctly proud to be known as, part of the Risk Mitigation Business.

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11 October 2017

The Importance of a Test Environment

Jordan Brown, Test Analyst at Edge Testing

The Test Environment is an essential part of any tester’s working day, it’s the virtual office that is far more important than any desk, beanbag or bed where the Tester might find themselves working. With a well-built Test Environment, it is possible to simulate the conditions that any system will experience when the testing has been completed and moved into production. Many projects will pass code through several test environments before any code reaches live usage (hopefully). 


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27 September 2017

The Risks of Releasing Software With Known Defects

Stuart Dougans - Test Analyst, Edge Testing

In the modern world, with the technologies and experience that software companies have at their disposal, you might assume that a company would be able to create and release new software that works 100% of the time. However, this is almost never the case. It is one thing for software to be released and later a fault is found within the system, but another to have knowledge that a problem exists and still go ahead with a live launch. Yet this is the case for so many software companies.

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13 September 2017

Top Tips for Writing a Great Test Case

Gillian Galloway and Cecile Robb - Test Analysts, Edge Testing

Having well written test cases (sometimes referred to as test scripts or test requirements) is vital in ensuring that testing is as efficient and effective as possible. 

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