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8 December 2016

Edge in the Community - Grow 73

Michael Burt, Marketing Assistant, Edge Testing

At Edge, we are passionate about giving back and making a difference within the local community helping organisations and charities. We have established a number of great local causes and all members of the Edge team are encouraged to help support them.

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24 November 2016

Top Tips for a Successful Knowledge Transfer

Charlotte Moss and Lauren Storrie - Test Analysts, Edge Testing

After participating in an active Testing Knowledge Transfer session that spanned over several months, we have come up with a few hints and tips, do’s and don’ts, pro’s and con’s, to help you have a successful Knowledge Transfer yourselves. 

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9 November 2016

Natural Born Tester?

Malcolm Pope, Test Analyst, Edge Testing

I came to testing relatively recently and roughly halfway (hopefully anyway!) through my working life. Before I got into testing I was unaware of some of the qualities that make a good Tester, but inadvertently my experience and skills have prepared me for my career in testing. 

 Malcolm Pope2

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26 October 2016

Was God a Tester?

Mike Tindal, Test Analyst, Edge Testing

The world of testing is an exciting dissection of the programs and software we use in our every day lives, in our interactions with businesses, our workplace and our friends. Our creations are there to make our lives easier, better, more enjoyable, yet we find that they leave us frustrated or annoyed. This is a tester’s job, to interact with these systems and make sure that when the system is released it can be used reliably. 

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11 October 2016

Space Age Testing

Colin Campbell, Test Analyst, Edge Testing

The NASA approach that could save millions on testing.


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27 September 2016

Starting a Career with Edge Testing

Liam Docherty, Test Analyst, Edge Testing

I joined Edge Testing back in May 2013 after studying Civil Engineering at University. I’d decided to pick engineering instead of Computer Science but realised pretty early on that it wasn’t the career for me. 

Liam Docherty

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