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24 August 2016

Let’s get physical….physical

Brian Gilmour, Test Analyst & William McGavin, Digital Test Hub Manager, Edge Testing

You may have been tempted by virtual solutions to your problem, and you may have valid reasons for using them, but we here believe that there is nothing better than the real thing.   

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28 July 2016

The Professional Pessimist

Jamie Mulcahy - Test Analyst, Edge Testing

I’m a pessimist. My wife tells me, my friends tell me and my work colleagues tell me. I’m also a Test Analyst and it’s alright…. I guess…..

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28 June 2016

Everyone's a Tester!

Karen Campbell & Emma Fitzpatrick - Test Analysts, Edge Testing

It seems to be a common belief that unless you work in IT or are some sort of ‘Tech-Wiz’ you’ll not use basic testing instincts, but everyone uses testing in their everyday lives and in this blog we’ll tell you how! 


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