29 June, 2021

Behind the scenes of a Test Analyst



My name is Craig Gordon, Test Analyst in the UK. I work as a software tester, and was able to get into the graduate apprenticeship scheme to study a degree at Edinburgh Napier at the ripe age of 34.

How did I come to be here?

I worked in hospitality as a manager for over a decade before making the switch to an IT role. During that time I picked up a lot of important soft skills, dealing with the public and in people management. I also gained experience in managing a small independent business.  

I went to college during this time and got a HND in Computer Networking & Internet.  Even with my HND I somehow felt that a career in IT was a pipe dream. I thought it would be difficult for me to work in anything other than hospitality work. I was wrong. Now I work as a software tester at Eurofins Digital Testing UK (Edge Testing).

This is how a typical day goes:

I write a handwritten list at the start of the week that covers what I plan to achieve over the week. I find handwritten lists better to work with for some reason. At the start of my day I look at this list and highlight the tasks that I plan to tackle on the day and cross them off as I go. My day typically involves some or all the following:

Attending the client stand up
Offering project support from a test perspective
Retesting defects
Raising defects
Writing manual test scripts
Executing test scripts
Communicating and collaborating with the developers on defects and issues
Providing estimates for new project deliverables
Deciding on the test approach
Test planning
General project admin
Reporting to the client. 

Why I enjoy working at Eurofins Digital Testing UK (Edge Testing):

I like that my colleagues are open and willing to take the time to talk about anything you might be unsure about, especially the managers. It’s very refreshing to see managers and senior management who have an open-door policy and don’t make you feel intimidated.  It makes me feel any struggles or concerns I might have are valid and acknowledged and that I’m valued as an employee. I like that my job challenges me – I love solving problems and improving myself and this job certainly allows you to do both things.  I think that moving from client to client encourages growth in the individual, in soft skills and testing experience.

I feel that I get out what I put in – some projects can be very demanding and can require a bit of extra effort or for someone to step up and take on a little more responsibility to push them over the line and get them delivered. I have been in this situation before and my efforts were acknowledged and rewarded, something that was very rarely the case in hospitality no matter how hard or long you worked. I like that there are opportunities for progressing in the Company but without a competitive office environment; people help each other and are encouraged to further their careers - not pitted against each other.


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