19 August, 2021

Behind the scenes of a Senior Test Analyst

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I am Andrew Taylor, Senior Test Analyst at Eurofins Digital Testing UK (Edge Testing).

My first ‘proper’ job was as a trainee COBOL Programmer for a major Government department. After an 18-week basic training course I was deployed into a testing area and have done very little COBOL programming since then! Over the following 20-plus years I occupied many roles including Test Management and Solution/Technical Architect. One thing that was constant in this time was my interest in the Non-Functional side of the IT test arena – seeing it from both the test and project sides. Several of my roles have also involved live support and many hours of on-call work – so I fully appreciate the need for quality IT software and solutions.

I had what could be described as a ‘career-break’ where I spent just over 12 months as a membership recruitment officer for the RSPB. This was a great experience as it was completely different from my previous work life and was very much more ‘people-focussed’ and had to develop my ‘soft-skills’. At the end of this time, I realised that my true home was within the IT Non-Functional test area and I joined a consultancy as a Performance Test team leader on another major Government project. Following many challenges in getting things done and modernised I made the decision to Join Edge as a Senior Test Analyst in the Performance Testing area.

This is how a typical day goes:

In my current role the priorities can be changed quite rapidly and working in an ‘agile’ way, my main drivers for the day come from the ‘Daily stand-up’ meetings.

My day typically involves some or, rarely all of the following:

Attending the client stand-up
Offering project support from a test perspective
Reviewing Technical designs
Retesting defects
Raising defects
Participating in Defect Review Boards
Selection of Performance test tooling
Writing performance test scripts
Constructing suitable large scale test data
Executing complex performance test scripts
Performing detailed analysis on test completion and reporting of results
Communicating and collaborating with the developers, architects and other stakeholders on defects and issues
Providing estimates for new project deliverables
Deciding on the test approach
Test planning
General project admin
Reporting to the client.

Why I enjoy working at Eurofins Digital Testing UK (Edge Testing):

I like that the work environment is very open and inclusive. In other environments I have worked in there is a very rigid hierarchical structure and that is not the case within Edge. It is very refreshing to see managers and senior management who are approachable and always listen. I like that I am challenged – I love solving problems and being asked for help and guidance from members on other projects within Edge.

I feel personally valued and respected within the company and feel that I have the opportunity to grow my technical and soft skills. There are very good reward and recognition processes in place and that all adds to making Edge a great place to work.


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