23 March, 2020

COVID-19: Edge continuity for our clients

We would like to reassure all our clients that we are taking the necessary steps to ensure the continuity of our work and effectively protecting the health and well-being of our own staff in the coming weeks and months.

We are following the UK Government's Workplace Advice contained in their COVID-19 guidance which includes measures and advice from the Health Protection authorities. Using this guidance, Edge has put in place protective measures so that our office based staff can work from their own homes and those that have to work from our offices are deploying social distancing to mitigate any risk of spreading the virus.

Edge has robust mature business continuity plans in place for unforeseen events and our business is designed to be resilient and withstand occurrences such as the COVID-19 situation with minimal impact to our clients. We have formed a COVID-19 committee with representation from Edge’s Senior Board which, is meeting daily to understand and take action in what is a very fast-moving situation.

One of our unique selling points is the ability to work offsite from our clients. We can mobilise teams of test specialists who may be located at multiple offsite locations and provide a highly effective test service to support our clients. Our teams are highly experienced in using remote and virtual technology to meet, call, discuss and collaborate through a variety of digital platforms. We have further stress-tested these operations to ensure that we can withstand any disruptions to our business as a result of the COVID-19. We are therefore highly confident we will be able to provide the support required for both existing and new clients alike.

In the meantime, we wish you all well in this challenging time. Should you have any questions at this stage or indeed in the future, please do not hesitate to get in touch, for current clients please use your normal Edge contact point, for those wishing to understand how an offsite service might work for you please use the contact details on our site.

Best regards,

Sharon Hamilton, Managing Director. 


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