12 March, 2016

Games Testing For Free That Increases Quality!

The Digital Test Hub by Edge Testing is the First Company to Offer 'Free Testing’ Service to the Games industry that ‘Adds Value’


Using their ‘Outcome Based’ testing model, the Digital Test Hub is now offering test execution ‘free’ of charge, supplying the necessary fully trained testers, processes and infrastructure to meet the user’s needs. They will negotiate a cost structure to pay for the defects and issues that they find on a scale based on likelihood and impact. No defects - no cost!


This innovative, free service, the first of it’s kind, will help users quantify the cost of their Quality Assurance and over a period of time, allow them to target areas of development and process improvement to reduce the number of defects created.


Getting product quality right has always been a difficult and often expensive art. Is good quality down to having good developers, good testers or both? Trying to predict the amount of QA effort needed to ensure the right levels of quality is a subjective judgement and can only really be estimated on the number of hours needed. Once a decision had been made, there was no way of measuring how successful that decision was and how improvements could be made for the future, both from a quality and a financial perspective. The Digital Test Hub’s new ‘Free Testing’ service can now make this possible.


Chris Ambler, Digital Entertainment Director, The Digital Test Hub, said:

“After many years of buying and selling QA in the games industry I feel that it is time, in this new digital age, to reinvent the way we deal with quality and testing.  Whilst endeavouring to improve the user experience, we should make good quality a right – not a dream. We can do this by maximising the value of the effort and measuring the outcomes allowing us to constantly improve.”


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