17 March, 2021

Microsoft Exchange Server Hack

2021 03 13 Image

What is it?

A number of vulnerabilities associated with on-premise deployments of Microsoft Exchange are currently being exploited in the wild. This is owing to a series of issues forming an attack chain which may allow unauthenticated attackers to obtain access to email accounts and ultimately gain SYSTEM level privileges on the Exchange server. Large and small organisations are targeted alike.

How can I check if my servers have been compromised?

Eurofins has set up a quick and straightforward validation service to check if your systems are affected. We will conduct a targeted security assessment to identify whether the supplied IP address is vulnerable to a set of recently emerged vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange. This will be undertaken free of charge.

The identification of the weakness does not require the vulnerability to be exploited, which means we will not execute any payloads against your systems, we will only validate whether or not the vulnerability is present based on information presented by the server.

The validation will be carried out as soon as practical but at latest within 5 working days. The outcome of this review will be a report that either confirms the presence of the vulnerability and provides mitigation advice, or confirms that the server is not susceptible.

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