18 September, 2017

No Glitches at Software Testing Specialist Edge Testing

Edge Testing was recently featured in The Herald's search for Scotland's most inspiring businesses. 


When Heineken, the Scottish Prison Service or the Student Loans Company launch a new piece of software -whether it's an internal system or a platform for customers - they bring in Edge Testing to make sure it is bug-free.

The business, which was founded only a decade ago, rigorously tests software to make sure it has no malfunctions, and can withstand a high volume of users. Based in Bellshill, just outside Glasgow, this ambitious firm will turn over £13m this year, and aims to hit £20m in revenues by 2020.

“We prevent financial and reputational loss for our clients,” says co-founder Brian Ferrie. “Every aspect of life has IT running it in some form, and it's important that these systems are robust.”

Software is a fast-changing industry, and Edge has created its own academy to train its people in the skills it needs to stay on top. It has diversified its customer base, through sales offices in London and Birmingham, and will grow organically over the coming years.

“The ambition is to become one of the recognised pure-play testing providers in the world,” says Ferrie. “We're already there when it comes to reputation, and our next goal is to be there in terms of size.”


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