2 November, 2017

Should Your Business Open A Second Location?

It can be difficult for business owners to know what to do when their operation shows signs of outgrowing its premises.

Local companies like to buy from local companies, says Richard Mort, director of Edge Testing Solutions, about the reasoning behind its 2012 expansion to Birmingham.

The software and IT system testing service has its headquarters near Glasgow, but opened a second location based on a surge in client demand from the Midlands.

“Our hub there made absolute sense; from it, we can get to all of our Birmingham and Midlands clients within an hour.”

As well as pleasing customers, the second location means that the company no longer has to fly staff testers from Scotland to the Midlands. And as to why this hub worked so well, the director cites preparatory work undertaken before the acquisition.

“We already had senior management on the ground, with a good knowledge of our Midlands client base – and knew where we wanted to be,” says Mr Mort.

“I would tell others considering a second location to ensure that they have the infrastructure in place. Who will be there, how senior do they need to be, and what expertise needs to be deployed? When do you land that expertise and where can you get local fresh blood for the firm?”

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