14 April, 2016

Preparing for the Transition – Is Your Company Ready?

Chris Ambler Addresses ‘Consumer Driven Techology’ at the SIGIST ‘Northern Lights’ Conference in Manchester

The world is changing. We are moving from the 'Industrial Revolution' into the new 'Digital Revolution’. So what does this mean for testers?
Chris Ambler, Digital Entertainment Director, Edge Testing, will be facilitating an interactive session about the transitioning from ‘Technology Driven Consumerism’ to ‘Consumer Driven Technology’ at SIGIST’s Manchester Conference Programme ‘Northern Lights’ on 27 April 2016.
The session will also examine the future trends that are starting to shape our testing profession, including:

  • Is this the future and how can we influence it?
  • How does this change our roles as testers?
  • Will our current methods and tools still be fit for purpose?

Chris said: “Our masters have always been the IT heirarchy with the effort being around identifying the technical issues around application and system development. We are starting to see that ownership is changing and our direction is starting to come from the consumer, supported by marketing. Many Digital Testing Groups are owned by CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers) and are more about consumer needs with IT only playing a supporting role.
Looking at technology today and what is on the horizon, what we saw as the future only a short while ago is now the present. This session gives people the opportunity to give their thoughts and ideas on how we work in this new exciting world.”
Chris Ambler
As Director for Digital Entertainment for Edge Testing and a Fellow of the British Computer Society, Chris has a software testing career spanning over 35 years. His experience covers a huge variety of projects in many industries including banking, insurance, defence, telecoms, transport and gaming. He set up Microsoft Game Studio’s European video games testing division and prior to that he was the European QA Director at Electronic Arts. Chris is a highly regarded thought leader in the industry and is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences, speaking about software testing and video games development. Committed to quality at the right price, Chris is dedicated to creating a professional approach to testing and quality delivery.


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