4 November, 2021

The Testing Revolution is Here

5Ac67fe8 Db4f 1841 74Db 9A43d7f4cca8This revolutionary service utilises a much stronger deeper technical test capability to its predecessor and employs full automation that is nimble, provides greater coverage without slowing down the overall assurance process. 

Revolutions tend to be disruptive, drive change and alter opinions – this one will be no different and may be the future of testing services going forwards.

To find out what this service entails of, why Industry needs this new service and what benefits it will provide, Edge’s Matt Clarke, Head of Engineering, presented  'Assurance as a Service platform', at our latest Heads of Test Event.

Please click here to view Matt's presentation. However, if you dont have the time to review this presentation, please find a two page summary of the service by clicking here




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