14 March, 2019

The Women Making a Big Impact in Scotland’s Tech Sector


DIGIT spoke to Sharon Hamilton, MD at Edge Testing, part of Eurofins, who was one of the few women voted Digit's Top Women in Scottish Tech, to find out why and how she came to work in tech.


After graduating in Business Studies in London, Sharon moved into software testing. As a hands-on practitioner of testing, she performed all roles from test analyst to senior test programme manager, working for large organisations within the Finance Sector in London.

After relocating to Scotland in 2004, Sharon spent the next few years delivering Account Management for Software Testing Consultancies.

After a career break to have children and having previously worked for the founders of Edge Testing, Sharon joined the company in 2011, initially performing Service Delivery but quickly moving into Operation Management, before joining the Senior Management Team in 2013. After running the business day-to-day for a few years, Sharon was appointed as Managing Director in April 2018.

“As part of my degree, I worked for Unisys UK for one year and I returned to work for them in the finance department the summer after I graduated.

“During that summer I was approached by one of the managers to move into IT to become a Software Tester. I carefully considered the offers of staying within finance or moving to IT. I decided to become a trainee software tester – one of the best decisions of my life!

“I am very proud of having a senior management team that is gender equal. I ensure that the narrative around all different types of caring responsibilities is gender neutral so the company can create an environment where everyone can succeed.”


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