19 January, 2021

We've signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge

Scottish Business Pledge

Edge Testing have joined hundreds of other Scottish organisations in committing to the Scottish Business Pledge, a value-led partnership between Government and Business in Scotland.

The Scottish Business Pledge is a values-led partnership between Scottish Government and businesses to demonstrate commitment to building a great business, which contributes to Scotland’s future. The pledge’s aim is to create lasting economic benefit through sustainable growth, equality, opportunity and innovation.

The pledge is built on the following key aims:

  • a commitment from the Scottish Government, and its partners, to support sustainable business growth in Scotland
  • a voluntary code of business practice which you can use to guide and boost the future development of your company
  • a mutual pledge to ensure that prosperity, innovation, fairness and opportunity develop hand in hand in Scotland

There are 9 pledges in total, covering the following:

1. Adhering to the real living wage
2. Avoiding the use of zero hour contracts
3. Encouraging positive workforce engagement
4. Providing flexible working and a balanced workforce
5. Investing in young people through apprenticeship/internship programmes
6. Innovation through the creativity and exploitation of new ideas
7. Exploring opportunities through Internationalisation
8. Giving back to the local community
9. Efficient and prompt payment of invoices/bills

Edge Testing are fully committed to supporting equality and diversity in the workplace along with actively encouraging workforce engagement, supporting a balanced workforce through flexible working, adhering to the real living wage, avoiding the use of zero hour contracts along with giving back to the local community through planned activities.


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