11 October, 2016

"Where Steve Jobs Went Wrong" Paul Coyne's Focus at the EuroSTAR Conference

Paul Coyne, Test Consultant at Edge Testing, will be highlighting ‘Where Steve Jobs Went Wrong’ in his speech at the annual EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference in Stockholm, Sweden - 31 Oct - 03 Nov 2016.


Paul said, “Steve Jobs thought we should learn to program so we become better thinkers. He was partly right, but had it backwards. I believe that we should learn to think first. Being a programmer probably does help one think well. However, I believe that thinking like a tester is actually a better approach to life and work. This matters a lot as testing is often not appreciated, and we are told ‘we no longer need testers.’ I want to explore programmer and tester modes of thinking and examine their similarities, differences and relative benefits. I want testing to be valued.”


Paul joined Edge Testing as a Test Consultant in Aug 2016. Edge is one of the UK’s fastest growing and largest independent software testing company and has some of the industry’s leading thinkers in test strategy, test delivery and test tools, along with specialists in recruitment and testing careers.


EuroSTAR is the largest testing conference in Europe and will feature over 60 sessions including presentations and keynotes on DevOps, mobile testing, and gamification, as well as quality management and automation tracks. It will bring together top experts and offers opportunities to network and swap stories with test professionals from around the world.




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