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02 June, 2017

GDPR - Why it's the Catalyst for Change within the World of Testing

Watch our short video discussing the impending GDPR legislation and how it relates to Test Data Management.

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07 March, 2017

Making Performance Testing Easy and Affordable!

A short 5 minute video about the importance of how Performance Testing can help you achieve the challenging task of implementing a cost effective Performance Testing program. Our specialist approach will put you streets ahead of the competition, so d...

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06 December, 2016

Why is Performance Testing Critical to Your Business?

For many organisations the web and apps are increasingly becoming their primary point of contact with customers and clients. The experience of using your app or web site will form their opinion of your brand and how much they want to engage with you....

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24 October, 2016

Working with CodeClan

Our CEO, Brian Ferrie, speaking with CodeClan regarding training the next generation of IT professionals.  

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13 October, 2016

Reduce Costs, Manage Risk and Increase Quality

Over the past decade Edge Testing has built up a wealth of experience working with local and national Government Agencies, Councils and Public Sector organisations. We have played a pivotal role in aiding our Public Sector clients to reduce their cos...

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12 July, 2016

Exploratory Testing in a Structured World

Exploratory Testing can be perceived as a poor cousin to more standardised ‘happy path’ structured testing, only applied as an afterthought and typically deployed at the end of a SIT or UAT test phase.

 However, Exploratory Testing can be implemen...

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06 May, 2016

Transitioning from Technology Driven Consumerism to Consumer Driven Technology

Preparing for the Transition – Is Your Company Ready? The world is changing. We are moving from the 'Industrial Revolution' into the new 'Digital Revolution’. What does this mean for testers? Chris Ambler, Digital Entertainment Director, Edge Testing...

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18 February, 2016

GradBoss Networking Event, Yorkshire

Chris Ambler, Director of Digital Entertainment, Edge Testing, presented at this event, which gave students an opportunity to network and meet with people from the real world of IT to learn employability skills. Here are just some of the highlights f...

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