Managed Testing

We provide the testing support you need by giving you access to the best testing professionals in the industry.

From test management, system testing and user acceptance through to taking full ownership of the testing piece we have a solution for you. Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements?

System Testing

The fundamental part of delivering a successful software application is that it is fit for the purpose it was intended to be used for - it works! Make sure you launch that application with confidence.

You don’t want your users to find the “defects” or “bugs”. We work across the testing lifecycle but traditionally it is at the system test stage where it is your last chance to find any issues before users get their first look. We will manage and deliver both functional and non-functional testing, to ensure the deliverables meet the requirements and specification.

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User Acceptance

If you are carrying out User Acceptance Testing then your users may need some support. Whether that be in the form of training, guidance or support for scripting and execution we can provide that help.

This may also extend to ‘Business Readiness’, a key element of project and business implementation. This includes sign off for go-live, business user training, setting up the live environment, planning and executing the implementation approach (including data migration or set up) and ensuring that audit, sign off and contingency planning is in place.

Our collateral provides a baseline for establishing your specific 'Business Readiness' and Implementation Strategy and supporting the definition of project specific requirements.

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Test Management

Most projects are challenging and difficult. A key component to achieving success is how the testing aspects are managed.

Our experienced Test Managers use the Edge Testing Framework which provides a starting point and ‘off-the-shelf’ collateral to ensure quality controls are in place to meet quality management requirements. We provide test management from project initiation through to implementation including planning, preparation, execution, reporting and testing sign off.

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Outsourced Testing

Our flexible engagement models are tailored to your requirements. We design and build our testing outsourcing engagements around the success of your business.

In any outsourced agreement the likelihood of the service remaining the same is low. We build in the ability to change the service as your business evolves giving you all of the benefits of outsourcing with delivery, commercial and service improvement flexibility.

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Resource Augmentation

Sometimes you just need a specific skill for a fixed period that is not already available to you or needs to be independent from the other parties involved in your project.

With our Resource Augmentation service you can meet this demand whilst blending the benefits of resource augmentation with specialism and subject matter expertise of a testing services company.

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At a time when IT organisations need to be operating in a faster, more seamless manner to help companies to thrive in more competitive markets, we can explain how introducing Edge’s DevOps service can transform the way your company operates.


Implementing our DevOps service can transform your business processes, creating both value and cost savings. 

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