Our software testing expertise delivers measurable results increasing quality and optimising costs and time to deliver.

Knowing that ‘prevention is better than cure’ our approach involves early lifecycle testing, focused testing improvement initiatives and enabling client teams.

Process Improvement

Everyone accepts that things can always be done better. It’s identifying and implementing those things from a testing perspective that will make a difference.

We have a proven test process improvement framework (Edge PIM) for delivering rapid results that are refined and aligned to your actual needs and business benefit as well as a sound testing process. Edge’s PIM is proven to be faster, less labour intensive and more direct than other more generic process improvement models.

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  • Short, sharp baseline assessment
  • Incorporate business objectives
  • Findings and recommendations
  • Framework, standards and methods
  • Quick wins
  • Skills development
  • Continuous development
  • Advanced techniques


At a time when IT organisations need to be operating in a faster, more seamless manner to help companies to thrive in more competitive markets, we can explain how introducing Edge’s DevOps service can transform the way your company operates.


Implementing our DevOps service can transform your business processes, creating both value and cost savings. 

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If you are carrying out User Acceptance Testing then your users may need some support. Whether that be in the form of training, guidance or support for scripting and execution we can provide that help.

This may also extend to ‘Business Readiness’, a key element of project and business implementation. This includes sign off for go-live, business user training, setting up the live environment, planning and executing the implementation approach (including data migration or set up) and ensuring that audit, sign off and contingency planning is in place.

Our collateral provides a baseline for establishing your specific 'Business Readiness' and Implementation Strategy and supporting the definition of project specific requirements.

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Off the shelf collateral available to you to avoid ‘re-inventing the wheel’.

We add value by blending the Edge Testing Framework with your own unique knowledge of your company and business objectives, combining good practice with innovation and recognition of real world challenges. This includes templates and documents for Processes, Standards, Test Policy, Test Strategy, Test Plan, Script Templates and Defect Management.

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Do you work with third-parties and find it difficult to manage quality? This may be internal, local delivery partners or even offshore.

The key principle is that the governance model is workable but formal to enable the delivery of a quality product. Test Management should cover from project initiation through to implementation covering planning, preparation, execution, reporting and testing sign off.

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IT projects are rarely simple. Inevitably things will go wrong along the way.

If the quality of deliverable is not up to expectations or perhaps you need additional support or a fresh look at progress then the Edge consultants have a wealth of experience in getting projects back on track.

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