Edge Academy

The Edge Academy helps organisations develop their own ‘super-charged’ testing resources as a cost effective alternative to reliance on the contractor market.

Based on discussions with clients, Edge Testing set up the Academy in 2013. This service addresses testing resource shortfalls and offers a strategic alternative to contract resource by assisting organisations in building their own resource base cost effectively.

How it Works

Edge recruits an agreed number of Edge Academy participants on behalf of its client. These participants will be permanent Edge personnel, recruited locally to their client nominated workplace.

The participants will join as part of a broader Academy intake unless there is a requirement for six or greater Edge Academy participants from the client in which case Edge will run a dedicated client programme.

The Edge Academy participants will then go through a six-week boot camp that blends classroom training with real project experience and personal development, based at one of Edge's offices throughout the UK.

Key Benefits

By utilising the Edge Academy, our clients are in a great position to flexibly develop their own testing capability in the most efficient, low cost manner. We are confident all potential clients can enjoy the following benefits:

Rapid productivity: We have an effective selection process and proven fast-track development approach for the Edge Academy personnel.

Reduced costs: This provides a significantly more cost effective alternative to buying in third party flex staff or contract staff to cover for core roles.

Strategic resourcing approach:  This could form part or all of a solution to address the current resource shortfall within client organisations.

Confidence and Surety: Edge has a wealth of experience in recruiting, developing and mentoring personnel into Test Analyst roles.

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