Cyber Security

Security breach, big or small, can put your business and reputation at risk. Our new industry leading cyber security service, delivered by our highly experienced security experts, will help you to identify any vulnerabilities to safeguard your business as well as provide expert guidance, awareness and training. 

Edge has introduced a key new service to its overall service portfolio and is now able to provide clients with an industry leading cyber security testing service. Aligned to security industry standards with individuals certified in CREST our security test service portfolio is broad, proven and focuses on the following key services:



Consultancy and Advisory

Awareness and Training

Full Security Managed Service


All services are supported by 60+ highly experienced cyber security experts, detailed findings-based deliverables, retests to confirm vulnerability mitigation and supported by presentations to technical and business client representatives. The following provides an overview of the key Security services:


Is your company at risk? An assessment is crucial in highlighting potential threats and to ensure that your web applications are fit for purpose.

Potential areas for high risk could include infrastructure, application and device groups including Internet of Things. Assessments are broken down into modular approaches which focus on network and host acquisition, remote host and local host based assessments. Each layer of assessment probes deeper into the client’s security capability with Edge acting as a potential hacker / intruder. The initial approach is taken from an external viewpoint (potentially via social networks and the internet) and then through and beyond the firewall. Known hacker behaviours and tactics are deployed to test the strength and resilience of the client’s security protocols.

Assessment Services can be undertaken both remotely and on site, acting independently or in close collaboration with the client. All Assessment Services are underpinned by clear and measurable reports providing the client with a detailed picture with regards to potential risks, areas of strength and areas requiring remediation.  

The Assessment Service can also focus on security-related implementation and/or design-issues associated with a specific application. The assessment adheres to international guidelines of the Open Web Application Security Platform (OWASP). Web applications are used by customers, suppliers and/or employees to access information. These applications may contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber-criminals when staging an attack and therefore this assessment is a key tool in ensuring a client’s web applications are fit for purpose and fit for use.



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Our service can help your company become ISO27001 compliant and covers Security Audit certification.

Edge provides a full certification service to support our clients in becoming ISO27001 compliant. The service focuses on assessing the design and operational effectiveness of the control framework and controls on organisational and, where relevant, technical aspects. This is a highly collaborative service with the Edge team working closely with the client and its internal control assessors. The approach deployed is highly repetitive, reliable and can be scaled as required. The service also covers Security Audit certification ISAE 3000 and 3402.


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Do you want to benefit from time and cost efficient solutions to reduce risk? Our cyber security specialists are here to provide expert advice.

Edge can utilise its industry leading cyber security experts to provide expert advice and guidance. This is typically related to security best practices, compliance, strategy development, program development and policy creation. vCISO services are included within our advisory portfolio. By using this service, clients will benefit from:

Reduced Cost - Delivers expert-level services without the cost of a full-time employee

Improves Governance - Develops effective security program

Saves Time and Resources - Develops security strategy

Protects Critical Assets - Improve a client’s security posture

Improves Shareholder Value - Reduces risk

Aligns Security with Business Priorities - Protects what’s important (CIA)

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To be safe is to be aware. We provide a wide variety of training delivered by leading certified experts.

Edge provides a series of awareness training modules that can be run both onsite and offsite at Edge’s premises to suit the client’s needs. The training courses are run by certified security experts and focus on a wide range of potential security issues, areas that require stronger awareness and focus areas for hackers and cyber criminals. Courses include:

Security Awareness Program - (Spear) Phishing, Social engineering, Malicious USB, Rogue access point, Password cracking


Workshops & Training

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FULL security managed SERVICES

We provide the testing support you need by giving you access to the best testing professionals in the industry.

Edge can provide a full security managed service based on providing the necessary team to work on behalf of the client. The approach to the service is flexible and aligned to the client’s needs. The service focuses on managing threats and vulnerabilities to prevent security breaches, detecting and responding to security incidents to minimise business impact, and reporting trends and providing expert advice so clients can continuously improve their security capability. This releases the client from focusing on security and enables the client to focus on its own core competencies.

The Managed Service can include on site roles including Shared Security Officer, Shared Privacy Officer, Shared Security Manager to underpin a client’s internal security capability, security monitoring, incident response and triage management. It can be closely aligned with other Edge Cyber Security service offerings to provide a comprehensive Cyber Security service. Managed Service features include:

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Our parent company's risk-based approach and deep understanding of industry-accepted standards, methodologies and frameworks, are designed to deliver maximum value and protect your most critical business assets.

Eurofins Cyber Security offers a range of services, to accommodate your security needs. Its experience, independency, locations and the range of services and engagement models make it a truly unique partner for your ever-changing and personalised demands for security.