We help our clients build and develop their testing capability and skills through practical training, mentoring and re-skilling. Our courses are designed by testing professionals with ‘real world’ experience and are complementary to the traditional ISEB/ISTQB syllabus.

Our most popular courses are listed below. For more information give us a call on 01698 464280.

Effective Test Management

Test Managers need to be able to establish the right test plan, and deliver against it, making use of their skills and expertise to apply the most appropriate approach in relation to project and business objectives.

The course covers not only test management processes and responsibilities, but translates them into solutions to real world test management challenges, be that approach and supporting techniques, building co-operation across teams or providing support for management decision making

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Agile Testing

Rapid change is expected and indeed welcomed and the agile team works together to adapt. What does all this mean for testers?

In an Agile Environment, the role of the tester is quite different than in a traditional lifecycle environment but no less important. The course covers the skills required to implement Agile methods, how a testers role changes and how the Agile Team is responsible for quality from the beginning to the end of the project. We show what needs to be considered for a smooth transition to Agile and where it is most suitable to implement an Agile framework.

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Risk-Based Testing

It may be that you are being challenged with ‘testing too much’ and ‘not knowing when to stop testing’.

Risk-Based Testing is a commonly used term. However, this course will clarify the requirements for adopting a Risk-Based approach by considering the context of the business. Risk-Based Testing can focus testing across a whole project in these areas and this course explores the different types of techniques and how to apply them. It establishes the importance of achieving the balance by using the right techniques to provide business benefit, avoiding the pitfalls around establishing an approach which can hinder efficiency and effectiveness.

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Exploratory Testing

Finding important defects early and having the agility and skill to optimise the time to test delivers project wide benefits.

Exploratory Testing is a simple approach, which when applied in the right context, backed by the skill of the tester, can realise real savings. The course covers not only the approach and supporting techniques, but also dispels any myth that Exploratory Testing is random, ad-hoc, unstructured and unmeasurable. It also shows how to build your Exploratory Testing capability and develop your overall skill.

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Eurofins digital testing

Get the most out of your team by leveraging experience from our parent company.

Eurofins expertise in testing across a wide portfolio of industry standards and regimes gives them the opportunity to offer training courses, both off the shelf and precisely customized to a client’s individual requirements. The courses focus on testing techniques, to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness, the application of best practice process (to drive stronger testing discipline) and to support career progression.