First Stage: Working with your technical and business experts to understand the architecture of the system to be tested, and the key business processes that it supports.

To get the best value out of the load testing we will consider both business and technical factors. Our consultant will build a risk profile of your system, identifying what kind of load test will give the most insight into its characteristics. Also as part of this investigation, we will assess your system for its fit with a range of load testing tools and pick the best option.

Second Stage: To propose a specific test that we will carry out on your system as part of the Kickstart.

We will build on the risk profile and key information from your experts to define the next level of detail covering what exactly needs to be tested. We will agree specific processes to be tested and targets that your system will be measured against. At this point we will be ready to start building automation artefacts and so we’ll need a suitable environment to work in.

Final Stage: To execute the planned test.

We will need a larger-scale environment and significant volumes of test data to run the test and monitor the behaviour of the system, getting instant feedback on how it is handing the load.

On completion of the test:

Our load test experts will analyse the results and provide you with a Kickstart Report that:

Documents the test that was carried out.
Assesses the measures and targets that we were testing against.
Details the behaviour seen from the system.

We will then provide insight into the likely causes of any problems seen along with any residual risks identified during the test so you can make an informed decision about how much performance testing your system warrants in future.

Given the opportunity to check how your system behaves under load and whether or not it will meet the ever increasing demands of your clients the question is, with the cost and skill barriers to load testing removed, can you afford not to?

No obligation discussion:

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